Consultations – Land at Rowden Lane, Hampsthwaite

This consultation is now closed.  Vernon & Co. would like to thank all who contributed to this consultation.


A community consultation was held on Thursday 20th July 2017 at Hampsthwaite Memorial Hall to inform local residents of Vernon & Co’s. development proposals for land at Rowden Lane, Hampsthwaite.

It is anticipated that an outline planning application will be submitted in due course for up to 150 new homes.

A copy of the leaflet informing residents of the consultation event can be viewed here:   Hampsthwaite-Vernon-Consultation-leaflet July 17.pdf (437 downloads)

Plans to be displayed at the exhibition are available to download here:

HAMPSTHWAITE-1-WELCOME.pdf (372 downloads)


HAMPSTHWAITE-3-THE-PROPOSALS.pdf (433 downloads)


HAMPSTHWAITE-5-NEXT-STEPS.pdf (413 downloads)