East Leeds Extension

Middle and Southern Quadrants

On behalf of Taylor Wimpey Yorkshire, Persimmon Homes (West Yorkshire) Ltd and Redrow Homes, we wish to inform you of the future residential development proposals for the Middle and Southern Quadrants of East Leeds Extension. It is the developers intention to submit two Outline Planning Applications to Leeds City Council in April 2020 (one application per quadrant). The Outline applications will seek the determination of the access and internal spine road only, with all other detailed matters reserved for future applications.

The application sites are located to the eastern edge of the Leeds main urban area. The middle quadrant is located between York Road (to the north) and Leeds Road (to the south) to the east of the urban area of Swarcliffe. The southern quadrant is located between Leeds Road (to the north) and Manston Lane (to the south) to the east the urban area of Pendas Fields. Both Quadrants will be bounded by the East Leeds Orbital Route (ELOR) to the east which is currently under construction. Please note that the applicants and Johnson Mowat are not involved with ELOR construction, however further details of ELOR including timings and contacts can be found at:- www.elor.uk.

The application sites form two thirds of the East Leeds Extension, which has been allocated for housing by Leeds City Council since the 2001 Unitary Development Plan (Site reference H3-A.33) and has remained as an allocation in the 2006 Unitary Development Plan Review and 2019 Site Allocations Plan (‘SAP’ Site reference HG1-288). It should be noted that the northern third of the East Leeds Extension has been the subject of a separate planning application.

Leeds City Council, in August 2018, adopted an East Leeds Extension Development Framework, which is a Supplementary Planning Document that provides development guidelines and further detail regarding the phasing and delivery of the whole East Leeds Extension. The Council’s East Leeds Extension Development Framework can be viewed here:- East Leeds Extension - ELE SPD (431 downloads)

Details of the future applications and applicants are as follows:-

Middle Quadrant

Applicant: - Taylor Wimpey (Yorkshire) Ltd and Persimmon Homes (West Yorkshire)

Application Description: - Outline application for circa 875 dwellings including means of primary vehicle access and central Spine Road and associated infrastructure works.

Southern Quadrant

Applicant: - Taylor Wimpey (Yorkshire) Ltd and Redrow Homes

Application Description: - Outline application for circa 925 dwellings including means of primary vehicle access and central Spine Road and associated infrastructure works and a 2.6 Ha Community Hub Facility (comprising primary school, convenience store and health provision).

Please see the following link for the Illustrative Masterplan covering both Quadrants. This includes landscaping, footpath/cycle linkages and public open spaces. East Leeds Extension - Masterplan (521 downloads)

Copies of the location plans for each quadrant can be viewed here:-

The following plans and documents can also be found here:-

Public Consultation

The applicants have commenced public consultation and as part of this process are holding two public consultation events and would like to invite local residents and community groups to attend. Details of the events are set out below:-

Tuesday 3rd March 2020 – 3pm to 7.30pm

Swarcliffe Community Centre

65 Stanks Gardens


LS14 5LS

Monday 9th March 2020 – 3.30pm to 7.30pm

Barnbow Social Club

Manston Lane


LS15 8ST

These two events are the start of what is to be a series of regular public progress updates.

Members of the development teams will be at the events and will be more than happy to discuss the proposals with attendees.

We respectfully request that members of the community complete the electronic feedback form below. However if this is not possible a paper copy will be available at the events, and is attached here East Leeds Extension - Feedback Form (151 downloads) , which can be sent to us at:-

East Leeds Extension Consultation

Johnson Mowat

Coronet House

Queen Street



For those unable to attend the events above comments would be gratefully received via the website consultation. The deadline for comments is the 27th March 2020.

Consultation Form

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    1) Please could you let us know if you have any comments/thoughts in relation to the design of proposals (noting that the proposals are Indicative and only in Outline at this stage)?

    2) What are your thoughts in relation to the proposed two form entry primary school?

    3) What are your thoughts in relation to the commercial retail area?

    4) What are your thoughts in relation to landscaping and open space?

    5) What are your thoughts in relation to the footpath and cycle linkages within the site and proposed linkages to the adjacent urban area?

    6) Do you have any other comments relevant to the proposals?

    Please note: personal correspondence cannot be entered into but we thank you for taking the time to provide your views and comments.