Harrogate Road, Ripon

Proposed development of land off Harrogate Road, Ripon

This consultation has now closed.  We would like to thank all who contributed their thoughts and ideas.  These are now being considered by Taylor Wimpey UK Ltd prior to their submitting and outline planning application to Harrogate Borough Council.


Taylor Wimpey UK Ltd. are to submit an outline planning application for circa 150 dwellings at land south and west of Bellwood Farm and off Harrogate Road, Ripon.

The application will be an outline application to establish development here and will show a mix of market and affordable homes to help meet the current housing shortfall in the District.

A copy of the letter hand delivered to residents within the vicinity of the site can be viewed here along with an illustrative plan showing the proposed layout:

Letter to residents:   Harrogate-Road-Ripon-Letter-to-residents.pdf (297 downloads)

illustrative layout:    Harrogate-Road-Ripon Illustrative-Masterplan-Rev-B.pdf (384 downloads)

The main vehicular access and egress point will be from Harrogate Road with additional separate pedestrian footpaths / cycle paths also from the Harrogate Road and on to existing public right of way to the south of the site.
The area to the east of the site (shaded green) is identified as containing underlying gypsum and therefore will not be developed for housing but will form part of a public open space.
All existing mature trees will be retained and the planting of new informally planted trees and wildflower grasslands undertaken.