Housing Allocation HS3 at Lepton, Huddersfield


The applicants of both HS2 and KCS Development Limited (HS3) have worked together to produce a masterplan to guide future proposals. It is accepted that eventually the main vehicular access to HS2 and HS3 will come from a new roundabout off Penistone Road and that a secondary access via Hermitage Park is also accepted.

Housing Allocation HS3 at Lepton, Huddersfield - HS2 & HS3 Masterplan Document (232 downloads)

The Joint Masterplan Layout was updated on 14th January 2022 in response to the feedback received through the community consultation exercise and remains  available for public consultation:-

Housing Allocation HS3 at Lepton, Huddersfield - HS2 & HS3 Masterplan Layout (40 downloads)

An interim consultation summary is provided below which addresses some of the primary concerns raised and informs how the Joint Masterplan has progressed. Any issues which have been overlooked in this summary note will be addressed in the Statement of Community Involvement.

Housing Allocation HS3 at Lepton, Huddersfield - Interim Consultation Summary Note (24 downloads)

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On behalf of KCS Developments Limited, Johnson Mowat (Planning and Development Consultants) are seeking to engage with the local community in relation to the future development proposals on land off Rowley Lane/Hermitage Park, Lepton (Local Plan Housing Allocation HS3).

KCS Developments Limited are a strategic land business with the approach of gaining “informed” outline consent and so will seek approval to all planning matters (layout, landscape, drainage design, ecology enhancement etc) save for house types and elevations (which would be the subject of a reserved matters application) to provide certainty to all parties involved in the planning process. KCS Developments Limited are not a developer who will likely take the site forward for construction.

The Site

The site is located to the south of Lepton and is located off Hermitage Park which in turn is located off Rowley Lane Lepton as shown on the aerial location plan:- Housing Allocation HS3 at Lepton, Huddersfield - Location Plan (546 downloads)

The site is bounded to the immediate north by the residential area comprising of predominately detached dwellings along Rowley Lane and Hermitage Park. To the east the site adjoins woodland and to the south are open fields. To the west are detached residential properties along Woodsome Park. To the south east are open fields which are proposed for housing HS2 – Land Adjacent, Penistone Road/Woodsome Park, Lepton.

Kirklees Local Plan Status

The site was allocated for housing in the adopted Kirklees Local Plan (February 2019) as allocation HS3. The Plan was examined by an Independent Local Plan Inspector.

The principle of the residential development of the site is therefore considered acceptable and is identified as having a capacity of 312 dwellings (in the Local Plan). Extracts of the allocation text can be found here:- Housing Allocation HS3 at Lepton, Huddersfield - HS3 Allocation Text (296 downloads)

As stated above the site is adjacent to allocation HS2 and the supporting Local Plan text does require work towards a joint masterplan between both allocations. Extracts of the allocation text for HS2 can be found here:- Housing Allocation HS3 at Lepton, Huddersfield - HS2 Allocation Text (189 downloads)

An extract of the Local Plan Policies Map showing HS2 and HS3 can be viewed here:- Housing Allocation HS3 at Lepton, Huddersfield - Allocation Plan (240 downloads)

Opportunities and Constraints

The Masterplanning for HS3 is informed by the attached Opportunity and Constraints Plan which identifies key design constraints which any future layout will have to adhere to and can be found here:-

Anticipate Programme Period

It is anticipated that the development of sites HS2 and HS3 will come forward in phases over an approximate 6 year period, for further details see the Phasing Programme below:-

Housing Allocation HS3 at Lepton, Huddersfield - Phasing Programme (264 downloads)

Public Consultation

Follows initial discussions with Local Ward Councillors and GAIL (and initial high level discussions with the Planning Department), we are seeking comments on the allocation and opportuinities and constraints from residents and interest groups before we finalise detailed design proposals and submit a pre-application request to Kirklees Council. It is intended that following the pre-application meeting a detailed outline consent will be sought on Phase 1A with access from Hermitage Park.

The following technical reports are anticipated to be submitted alongside the Planning Application:-

The documents above will be posted on the website when available.

Both KCS Developments Limited and ourselves are seeking comment from residents and interest groups on the information provided above and comments can be made below.

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