Land Off Moseley Wood Gardens, Cookridge

This consultation is now closed.  We would like to thank all who contributed.  Your feedback is being considered against the proposals presented.

Johnson Mowat are currently working alongside Taylor Wimpey to secure a suitable planning application outcome to Phase 2 (61 dwellings) that extends off the current Phase 1 development of 135 dwellings on Land off Moseley Wood Gardens, Cookridge. In order to do this, we would be grateful for your comments on a potential second vehicle access to the site via Cookridge Drive.

The Site Allocations Plan (SAP) was adopted by Leeds City Council (LCC) as a proposed housing allocation on 10th July 2019. This 61 dwellings application site was identified as part of the wider Moseley Green development housing allocation. As such, the principle of housing development is now established in the Leeds City Council Development Plan. The SAP allows for a secondary access point off Cookridge Drive. It will require some tree removal.

Following a public consultation on 18th September 2018, Taylor Wimpey submitted this Moseley Green Phase 2 application in two parts as follows:-

  • 19/02597/FU – 61 dwellings with associated infrastructure including public open space and landscaping (access through Phase 1 from Moseley Wood Rise).
  • 19/02598/FU – New vehicular access from Cookridge Drive to Phase 2 of Moseley Green development.

The planning application(s) have reached a position where the Council need to make a decision on whether or not the 2nd vehicular connection via Cookridge Drive is required. For now, the case is finely balanced and LCC Officers are seeking a final review on the extent to which residents would deem this second access necessary.

The outcome of the public consultation exercise undertaken on 18th September 2018 indicated that residents did not want this second access via Cookridge Drive. We appreciate that the response at that time was based upon indicative proposals. We now need a firmer public response to assist the Council’s decision-making process. Please note that Leeds City Council elected Ward Members have been invited into the decision-making process to assist, they are your elected representatives on this matter. They also have no fixed view on this matter.

A questionnaire will be delivered to residents and an electronic copy of the question asked to residents is below, in order to draw conclusions from the community as a whole. It is important that your address is provided as this matter is very location orientated. All documentation will be destroyed after the formal review of responses with the Council.

It is understood that many residents object to the principle of development of both the Phase 1 and Phase 2 Moseley Green development. However, at this time, we are undertaking a consultation exercise on the very specific matter of a secondary access point. Responses on this matter are accepted without prejudice in relation to your views on the general principle of development and any other matters raised through previous consultation processes. With respect, only feedback through this questionnaire which relates to a secondary point of access will be considered as part of this consultation.

The Phase 1 development comprises of 135 dwellings. The Phase 2 proposal adds a further 61 dwellings. Please note, cycle and pedestrian access through Cookridge Drive are already consented through the Phase 1 development. This footpath/ cycle connection will be provided even if no vehicular connection is made.


A copy of the proposed road layout can be viewed here:- P18-5260-350-PROPOSED-ROAD-LAYOUT-REV-A-27-03-19.pdf (248 downloads)

A copy of the site layout and landscaping can be viewed here:- P18-5260-01-SITE-LAYOUT-LANDSCAPE-REV-F-20.08.19pdf.pdf (415 downloads)