Land South of Common Lane, Auckley

Strategic Land Group

This consultation is now closed.  The Strategic Land Group wish to thank all who contributed, they are now considering all comments received.  Once the application has been submitted, you will have the opportunity to provide comments direct to the council.


The Strategic Land Group are currently preparing an outline planning application to develop an area of land south of Common Lane for up to 90 new homes.

Why this site?

There is an urgent need to increase the supply of new homes across the whole of the country and Doncaster is no exception.  The council’s emerging Local Plan recognises that they need to build more homes.  To achieve this, it is likely that some greenfield sites will be needed for development.  We believe this site is suitable to help improve the supply of homes:

  • It is well located close to existing services and facilities in Auckley including schools, shops, churches, bus stops and a post office.
  • The site is not at risk of flooding, and is not Green Belt, unlike most of the land in the borough.
  • Our survey work has not identified any issues that would mean the site could not be developed.

The Development Proposal

The planning application will be in outline.  This means that it will seek to establish the principle of housing on the site and how the site will be accessed.  It will not be seeking approval for the exact location, size or style of homes or the road pattern within the site.  That would need to be the subject of a separate application in the future.

Independent consultants have already carried out surveys to consider ecology, trees, highways, landscape, ground conditions and drainage.  Each of those assessments will be submitted to the council with our planning application.

Although the exact layout will not be fixed until a future planning application, we have taken the findings of those reports and used them to prepare an illustrative masterplan for the site to show one way in which 90 new homes could be accommodated on the site.  This can be viewed here:  Common Lane Leaflet (486 downloads) Concept Wide View (666 downloads) Concept - Closeup (401 downloads)

Overall, we think the design provides a low density, green character for the site that is in keeping with the surrounding area and its location on the edge of the countryside.  The key characteristics of the scheme are as follows:

  1. A single point of access off Common Lane that is positioned just past the existing houses.
  2. A large area of open space positioned opposite the existing homes on Common Lane. Some of the open space could be used as an extension to the allotments.
  3. A soft edge to the site’s eastern boundary which could be planted with a new hedgerow and trees to soften views of the site.