Land south of Main Street, Hillam

Land south of Main St, Hillam Background and Update:


The Redrow Application for 52 new dwellings (plus 2 demolitions) was submitted to Selby District Council on 2nd October 2015.  The application site is on land ‘Safeguarded for Development’ in the 2005 Selby District Local Plan.  The application site is not Green Belt.   The Council accept the land is suitable for residential development, subject to an appropriate design.   At the time of the Redrow application, the Company had a contract with the landowners to purchase the land upon gaining a suitable planning permission.


In Spring 2016, following a series of more detailed ground investigation works the presence of ‘gyspum’ was found within the ground in the western part of the site to the west of the geological fault line.  The geology plan available to download here:   Geology-plan (360 downloads)  shows:-

  • Blue Land = Solid Limestone
  • Orange Land – softer ground overlaying limestone
  • Red Dash Line = the Geological Fault line
  • The Pink land = softer ground containing ‘gypsum’

The gypsum land (pink) is not classed as ‘severe’ as is the case with the  surrounding areas of Ripon where they have experienced gypsum dissolving in groundwater and creating sink holes.   The extent of gypsum on this site is less constraining and may not prevent built development.  However, in this case, a National House Builder feels unable to commit to the larger proposal with a risk that the NHBC may not provide their standard 10 year built warranty due to the presence of gypsum.  Therefore, in September 2016, Redrow contractually withdrew from the site and the planning application.


The Landowners through their land agent have in September and October 2016 sought a house builder to replace Redrow.  Final contract discussions are well underway with Stonebridge Homes, a medium sized Yorkshire house builder that forms part of the Henry Boot plc family of businesses.

Stonebridge Homes have assessed the site and Geology and consider a scheme for circa 33 new dwellings (plus one demolition) would be a viable proposal and are preparing a detailed layout. These plans will be submitted to Selby DC shortly to substitute the Redrow Plans.   The working draft layout and house types can be viewed here:   Draft layout-Oct-2016.pdf (725 downloads)     house-types-STONEBRIDGE-HOMES.pdf (429 downloads)


In light of the fact the Scheme is to be reduced, Selby Council will re-consult with all persons and organisations that have previously commented upon the Redrow Application.

They will also test the reduced scheme against its’ current policy and design requirements including the ned for the development to provide up to 40% of dwellings as affordable housing and to make a Community Infrastructure Levy payment to the Council for Education and Green Space provision.

That consultation is likely to take place in November and December.   A Planning decision is now due in early 2017.

However, if anyone has any questions in the meantime, Johnson Mowat (retained Planning Consultants) are on hand to respond.   Please forward any questions via an email to Becky Lomas at