Land West of Bell Lane, Huby

On behalf of Richard Roberts Ltd, we wish to inform you of the future development proposals for land west of Bell Lane, Huby, North Yorkshire, YO61 1YA.

The 0.48ha application site comprises agricultural land on the southern edge of Huby settlement limit. The land forms a natural urban extension of the existing settlement, furthermore the land is not subject to any particular landscape designation that would preclude development.

The development team are seeking to submit an Outline application with all matters reserved, except for access, for a residential development of 5 No. dwellings. Access is to be obtained from Bell Lane at the eastern boundary of the site.


A leaflet was hand delivered to residents within the vicinity of the site informing them of the proposals/intentions on the 23rd September 2020.

A copy of the consultation leaflet can be found on the following link:- Land west of Bell Lane, Huby (110 downloads)

We therefore welcome comments from the local community.

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    1) Please let us know if you have any comments or ideas for consideration against the proposals presented, in particular layout and design.

    Please note: personal correspondence cannot be entered into but we thank you for taking the time to provide your views and comments.