Middleton House, Finkle Street, Sheriff Hutton

We wish to inform you of the future development proposals for the refurbishment of Middleton House and development of land to the rear for 3no. high quality residential dwellings with private garages. Our client, Mr M Gibson, intends to submit a detailed planning application to Ryedale District Council following this public consultation. 

The application site measures 0.27Ha and is currently within the development limits of Sheriff Hutton. The development team are seeking to submit a full planning application for the residential development providing:-

  • A boost to housing supply and an enhanced choice of new housing in a local market;
  • The refurbishment of Middleton House;
  • Provision of 3no. high quality residential dwellings with private garages;
  • Residential dwellings will provide family housing (from 4 to 5 bedrooms) to meet local housing need; and
  • Retention of high quality hedgerows and tree on-site, alongside extensive landscaping within the Application Site which will provide opportunities for improving biodiversity and assist in softening the appearance of the residential dwellings. 


A leaflet was hand delivered to residents within the vicinity of the site informing them of the development proposals.

A copy of the consultation leaflet can be found on the following link:- 

Middleton House - Consultation Leaflet (22 downloads)

A copy of the latest planning layout can be found on the following link:- 

Middleton House - Proposed Site Layout (21 downloads)

We therefore welcome comments from the local community, there will be further opportunity to provide comments to Ryedale District Council once the planning application has been submitted.

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    1) Please let us know if you have any comments or ideas for consideration against the proposals presented, in particular layout and design.

    Please note: personal correspondence cannot be entered into but we thank you for taking the time to provide your views and comments.