Park Lane, Allerton Bywater

We would like to inform you of Taylor Wimpey’s intention to submit an outline planning application for the development of circa 450 dwellings with access points on land immediately north of Park Lane, Allerton Bywater.

From 2001 the site north of Park Lane, Allerton Bywater has been designated as safeguarded land, intended for development after 2016.  Since this time Taylor Wimpey has made their intentions clear to pursue a planning application here and have always sought to work with the Council to deliver this land for housing by way of an allocation in the emerging Local Plan.

However, over the last 12 months or so, the Council has progressed its Local Plan to identify new sites for housing and in doing so have extended this ‘safeguarded land’ allocation, delaying development here until after 2028, in favour of releasing Green Belt land for new housing. Taylor Wimpey disagree with this approach and are to submit an application to develop homes here.

It is not uncommon for the ‘safeguarded land’ to be granted planning permission by Leeds City Council and developed sooner than anticipated in order to meet the shortfall in residential dwellings and housing land supply required of the Council.  Indeed circa 50% of all the current ‘safeguarded land’ identified in the 2001 UDP has been approved for residential development in the District over recent years.

This application site (covering approximately half the 2001 UDP ‘safeguarded land’), can, and should, be considered a much better proposition for housing now than removing land from the Green Belt.

The draft Masterplan shows a scheme of circa 450 dwellings with suggested roadways and proposes the retention and enhancement of existing trees and hedgerows where possible and new wetland areas.  Almost all the proposed development would lie north of the current disused rail line/cycle way.

Two points of vehicular access are proposed to located off Park Lane at the eastern end of the site. A third point of access off Doctors Lane at the western end is proposed for walking, cycling and emergency vehicles only. Doctors Lane would not be used as a vehicular access for any other purpose.

A copy of the leaflet delivered to residents within the vicinity and the Masterplan can be viewed here:  Allerton-Bywater-Info-Leaflet.pdf (412 downloads)

This is an ‘Outline’ planning application to establish the principle of development here and should approval be gained a further ‘Reserved Matters’ application will be submitted to address matters of detail including house types, construction materials and landscaping.

The planning application will be submitted later this month.  In the meantime if you have any comments or immediate questions to inform these proposals, please complete the form below or send an email to or telephone 01138870120.

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    Looking at the proposed layout, please let us know if you have any comments.

    Johnson Mowat is unable to enter into personal correspondence but thank you for taking the time to provide your views.