Sites off Second Lane, Wickerseley


This consultation has now closed.   Harron Homes would like to thank all who contributed their views.  These are now being considered against their draft plans before they submit a detailed planning application.


Harron Homes are to submit detailed planning applications for two sites off Second Lane, Wickersely. These two sites (Site H61 and Site H62) have been identified by Rotherham Borough Council as preferred residential sites in its Sites and Policies Development Plan Document.  This document sets out the Council’s proposed land uses and residential allocations across the District through to 2028.  This means that the question of should these sites be developed has been decided.  They meet the Council’s own criteria for providing much needed housing in the area and are key to providing this.

In line with the Council’s own expectations, Harron Homes therefore propose to develop these sites – H61 to accommodate 46 new homes and site H62 for 108 new homes.  Copies of the draft proposals can be viewed here:

Site H61:   Wickersley-Pony-Paddock-Scheme-2 (H61).pdf (1922 downloads)

Site H62:   Wickersley 1A (H62).pdf (1436 downloads)