Swinnow Park, Wetherby

Swinnow Park, Wetherby - Reserved Matters Designers Response - May 2022 (14 downloads)

A public consultation event is being held at Wetherby Town Hall on 10th February 2022 between 16:00 and 19:00. The information presented at the public consultation event is accessible below for those who are unable to attend:-

Consultation Board Number 1 (21 downloads)

Consultation Board Number 2 (24 downloads)

Consultation Board Number 3 (20 downloads)

Consultation Board Number 4 (19 downloads)

Consultation Board Number 5 (18 downloads)

Consultation Board Number 6 (20 downloads)

Consultation Board Number 7 (19 downloads)

Consultation Board Number 8 (18 downloads)

Consultation Board Number 9 (21 downloads)

Please can all comments from members of the public who are unable to attend the consultation event be submitted directly via email to hello@johnsonmowat.co.uk.

Johnson Mowat have submitted the Reserved Matters application for Taylor Wimpey for 785 dwellings.  The application documents are publicly available below for review and comment:-

Swinnow Park, Wetherby - Location Plan (96 downloads)

Swinnow Park, Wetherby - Site Layout (187 downloads)

Swinnow Park, Wetherby - Design Brief (76 downloads)

Swinnow Park, Wetherby - House Type Designs (137 downloads)

Swinnow Park, Wetherby - Cover Letter (35 downloads)

Swinnow Park, Wetherby - Policy Compliance Statement (28 downloads)

Swinnow Park, Wetherby - Statement of Community Involvement (138 downloads)

Johnson Mowat are acting on behalf of Taylor Wimpey on their ‘Swinnow Park, Wetherby’ proposals.

This website is provided as a display board for detailed design engage material.  It will be updated on a regular basis as a tool to share documents that might be too large in file size to email.

The Taylor Wimpey development team are engaging with representatives of Wetherby.  The first event is a Zoom meeting by invitation is on 10th September 2021.  Further meetings on design are to be held in Wetherby, please watch this space for updates or contact Wetherby Town Council.

The following documentation can be viewed below:- 

i-Transport Response on Highways Matters 14th May 2021 Swinnow Park, Wetherby - I-Transport Response to Better Wetherby Position Paper (53 downloads)

Environment Strategy Presentation Swinnow Park, Wetherby - Building a Better World (52 downloads)

House Type Design and Sustainable Construction Swinnow Park, Wetherby - House Type Design and Sustainable Construction (63 downloads)

Design Development Update  Swinnow Park, Wetherby - 10th May 2021 Workshop Presentation (80 downloads)

Layout and Character Areas Document 12th October 2020 Swinnow Park, Wetherby - Consultation Material (123 downloads)

The ‘Draft’ Part 1 Design Document Swinnow Park, Wetherby - Framework Document (177 downloads)

Phasing Plan (from the Outline Application) Swinnow Park, Wetherby - Phasing Plan (117 downloads)

Constraints Plan Swinnow Park, Wetherby - Constraints Plan (97 downloads)

Character Areas Plan:-

Character Areas Image Extract:-

Masterplan Areas Breakdown Swinnow Park, Wetherby - Masterplan Areas Breakdown (103 downloads)

Street Hierarchy and Parking Swinnow Park, Wetherby - Street Hierarchy and Parking (132 downloads)

Highways Documents and Access Plans:-

Major Services Plan Swinnow Park, Wetherby - Major Services Plan (119 downloads)

Geophysical Survey Swinnow Park, Wetherby - Geophysical Survey (106 downloads)

Phase 1 Trial Trenching Swinnow Park, Wetherby - Phase 1 Trial Trenching (102 downloads)

Specification for a Pre-Determination Archeological Evaluation by Trial Trenching Swinnow Park, Wetherby - Specification Trial Trenching (106 downloads)

Ecology Swinnow Park, Wetherby - Ecology (136 downloads)

If you have any immediate questions, please contact: