Land off Turner Lane, Addingham

Our clients are intending to submit an outline planning application to the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council for 14 no. residential dwellings on Land off Turner Lane, Addingham.

The Application Site is currently designated as Green Belt; however, it has been identified as a ‘Preferred Option’ (ADH1/H) for residential development in the emerging Bradford District Local Plan (LP). Within the emerging LP the Application Site is identified as having the potential to deliver 20 no. residential dwellings. However, following the receipt of recent public representations re. traffic generation, our client has looked to significantly reduce the overall quantum of development. The Application Site occupies a sustainable location and sits within a short walking distance of Addingham village centre.

At this stage our client is only looking to establish the 1) the Principle of Development, and 2) the suitability of the access point from Turner Lane. The scheme has been carefully designed to ensure that existing trees and hedgerows can be retained, and also aligns with the policy provisions set out in the Addingham Neighbourhood Plan.

In summary the proposal will provide: –

14 no. residential dwellings of which 30% (4 dwellings) will be affordable dwellings;
Residential dwellings will provide a mixture of 2, 3 and 4/5 bedrooms;
Large residential gardens benefitting from the existing trees and hedgerows;
Additional landscaping within the Application Site which will provide 1) opportunities for improving biodiversity and 2) assist in softening the appearance of the residential dwellings;
Retention (except for access) of the grass verge and stone wall to ensure Turner Lane remains an attractive pedestrian route;
Off-street parking for each of the residential dwellings and 4 no. visitor parking spaces so as to ensure vehicles are not parked on Turner Lane. Each dwelling will have an EV charging point; and,
Surface water attenuation to ensure discharge rates meet the requirements of Yorkshire Water and the Environment Agency.


A consultation leaflet has been hand delivered to residents within the vicinity of the site informing of the proposals.

A copy of the Indicative Site Layout Plan can be found on the following link:- 

Land off Turner Lane, Addingham - Site Layout (24 downloads)

A copy of the consultation leaflet can be found on the following link:-

Land off Turner Lane, Addingham - Consultation Leaflet (24 downloads)

We welcome comments from the local community, there will be further opportunity to provide comments to City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council once the planning application has been submitted and validated.

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    1) Please let us know if you have any comments or ideas for consideration against the proposals presented, in particular layout and design.

    Please note: personal correspondence cannot be entered into but we thank you for taking the time to provide your views and comments.