Wood Farm, Wetherby Road, Scarcroft

This consultation has now closed.  JP Wild would like to thank all who contributed.


JP Wild Homes are an award winning house builder developer known for their outstanding and exceptional homes.  We are delighted to act on their behalf and are to submit a planning application to develop Wood Farm, Wetherby Road, Scarcroft to deliver nine bespoke dwellings.

Wood Farm is a brownfield site with an existing access/egress point onto Wetherby Road and is currently used as a livery yard.  National Policy supports the effective reuse of brownfield land before greenfield land and as such nine residential dwellings surrounded by a comprehensive landscaping scheme can be delivered here.

The proposed scheme has been designed to protect and enhance the historic, natural and built environment of the village and its immediate surroundings.  The inspired design will also provide a high quality gateway feature when approaching the village from the south.

Details and further information of the proposals can be downloaded here:

Red line site boundary:  Earth-Red-Line-Boundary.pdf (308 downloads)

Masterplans:   CONSULTATION-LAYOUT.pdf (323 downloads)     CONSULTATION-LAYOUT-NT.pdf (277 downloads)

House types:   B-TYPE-Floor-Plans-100718.pdf (308 downloads)     B-TYPE-Elevations-100718.pdf (265 downloads)     

G-TYPE-Floor-Plans-100718.pdf (285 downloads)     G-TYPE-Elevations-100718.pdf (252 downloads)

Birdseye view of proposal:   Birds-Eye-View.jpg (452 downloads)

This consultation has now closed for comments.

Please note also, that in due course the Council will undertake it’s own consultation where you will have a further opportunity to convey your views and comments.