Land off Flaxley Road, Selby

Reserved Matters Planning Submission on land off Flaxley Road, Selby

This consultation is now closed.  Harron Homes would like to thank all who provided their views and thoughts.   These are now being considered against their proposals.


In December 2015 Hallam Land Management secured Outline planning permission for the development of circa 200 homes on this site.  Since then they have have been in discussions with Selby Council to agree the amount of affordable housing here.  Also during this time they have selected the house builder Harron Homes to take forward the next stage, the detailed application known as ‘Reserved Matters’.  Reserved Matters include seeking approval for the layout, landscaping and house types.

Harron Homes, a well known Yorkshire based house builder with sites across the Selby area are now intending to submit this Reserved Matters application for this site.

The layout proposes the development of 156 dwellings, below the 200 dwellings for which outline permission was granted.   Harron Homes are seeking approval for fewer dwellings on the grounds that it makes for a less dense design and offers better access to greenspace whilst meeting an identified need for aspirational family housing in this area.

Vehicular access off Flaxley Road does not change from that approved in the 2015 decision and will not need to be revisited.  Harron Homes also aim to retain all trees and hedges on the boundaries where the new site abuts existing housing.  Back gardens of the new dwellings have been designed to maximise privacy for both new and existing residents.

Harron Homes are keen to receive comments and ideas with regard to layout and you are asked to complete the form below.

Details of the layout and house types proposed can be viewed here:

Bamburgh-V0-Semi-Planning-Brick-Elevations-Red.compressed.pdf (414 downloads)


Baybridge-Red-Brick.pdf (364 downloads)


Hadleigh-3-block-Elevations-Red-Brick.pdf (350 downloads)


Ingleton-HH-V1-planning-Buff-Brick.pdf (341 downloads)


Nidderdale-Buff-Brick.pdf (344 downloads)


Salcombe-V1-Planning-Elevations.pdf (361 downloads)


Settle-V1-planning-Red-Brick.pdf (645 downloads)


Warkworth-Planning-Drawing-Elevations-Buff-Brick.pdf (362 downloads)


Windsor-Red-brick.pdf (331 downloads)