Planning Services


· Pre‐application Advice;
· Preparation and Submission of Outline and Full Planning Applications;
· Project Coordination;
· Environmental Impact Assessments;
· Five Year Land Supply Assessments;
· Viability Assessments; and,
· Advice on Planning Conditions, Section 106 Agreements and CIL Payments.


· National Planning Policy Framework Compliant Heritage Assessments of Development Proposals and Statements of Significance, Planning and Listed Building Consent Applications;
· Conservation Area and Townscape Appraisals, Estate Management Plans and Heritage Led Design Briefs; and,
· Development Feasibility, Viability and Option Appraisals.


· Mixed Use Developments;
· Employment Land Studies;
· Economic and Retail Impact Assessments;
· Town Centre Developments;
· Retail Planning Application;
· Town Centre Health Checks;
· Hotel and Tourist Accommodation; and,
· Holiday Lodge and Caravan Park Renewal and Expansion Projects; and,

Land Promotion and Masterplanning

· Site Appraisal
· Development Strategy
· Land Promotion
· Local Plan Representations (Sites and Policy)
· Urban and Landscape Design


· Planning and Heritage Appeals
· Expert Witness
· Written Representations
· Informal Hearings
· Public Inquiry
· Cost Applications