CD 1 – Site to the West of the A1237 and South of North Lane, Huntington, York – Planning Application Documents

Core Doc RefDocument Title / DownloadAuthorDate scanned onto Public Access
1.1Application cover letterJohnson Mowat5.1.2018
1.2Planning Application FormJohnson Mowat5.1.2018
1.2.1Amended Application Certificate BJohnson Mowat 12.1.2022
1.2.2Amended Appeal Cerificate BJohnson Mowat12.1.2022
1.2.3Landowner Response to Certificate BLangleys Solicitors18.1.2022
1.3Red Line Plan/Location PlanPlanit5.1.2018
1.4Illustrative MasterplanPlanit5.1.2018
1.5Monks Cross Link Southern AccessOptima5.1.2018
1.5.1Monks Cross Link Northern AccessOptima5.1.2018
1.5.2North Lane AccessOptima5.1.2018
1.6Planning Case ReportJohnson Mowat5.1.2018
1.7Design and Access StatementPlanit5.1.2018
1.8Statement of Community InvolvementJohnson Mowat5.1.2018
1.9Section 106 Heads of TermsJohnson Mowat5.1.2018
1.10ES Volume 1: Chapter 1Johnson Mowat5.1.2018
1.11ES Volume 1: Chapter 2Johnson Mowat5.1.2018
1.12ES Volume 1:Chapter 3Johnson Mowat5.1.2018
1.13ES Volume 1:Chapter 4Johnson Mowat5.1.2018
1.14ES Volume 1:Chapter 5Johnson Mowat5.1.2018
1.15ES Volume 2: Chapter 6Optima5.1.2018
1.16ES Volume 2: Chapter 7Planit5.1.2018
1.17ES Volume 2: Chapter 8Fortem5.1.2018
1.18ES Volume 2: Chapter 9Brooks Ecological5.1.2018
1.19ES Volume 2: Chapter 10AECOM5.1.2018
1.20ES Volume 2: Chapter 11PDA5.1.2018
1.21ES Volume 2: Chapter 12Prospect5.1.2018
1.22ES Volume 2: Chapter 13Lithos5.1.2018
1.23ES Volume 2: Chapter 14Johnson Mowat5.1.2018
1.24ES Volume 3: Non-Technical SummaryJohnson Mowat5.1.2018
1.25Tree Survey ReportTavendale12.1.2018
1.26Preliminary Ecological Assessment 2020
– marked Sensitive – not to be published in Public Domain
1.27Ecological Impact AssessmentBrooks 6.11.2020
1.28Bat Activity SurveyBrooks 6.11.2020
1.29Riparian Mammal SurveyBrooks 6.11.2020
1.30Ecology Reptile SurveyBrooks 6.11.2020
1.31Breeding Bird SurveyBrooks 6.11.2020
1.32Great Crested Newt SurveyBrooks 6.11.2020
1.33GCN DNABrooks 6.11.2020
1.34Habitat Reg Assessment Screening ReportBrooks 6.11.2020
1.35Traffic Impact AddendumOptima6.11.2020
1.36Transport Assessment SummaryOptima6.11.2020
1.37Draft Travel PlanOptima6.11.2020
1.38Proposed Northern Access onto Monks Cross Link 13035/GA/04 Rev AOptima6.11.2020
1.38.1Northern Site Access roundabout on Monks Cross Link 13035/GA/04 Rev BOptima4.1.2022
1.39Proposed Site Access onto North Lane 13035/GA/03 Rev BOptima6.11.2022
1.39.1Proposed Site Access onto North Lane 13035/GA/03 Rev COptima4.1.2022
1.40Proposed Southern Access onto Monks Cross Link 13035/GA/01 Rev DOptima6.11.2020
1.40.1Proposed Southern Access onto Monks Cross Link 13035/GA/01 Rev EOptima4.1.2022
1.41Figure 2 Development Area Parameter PlanPlanit6.11.2020
1.42Figure 3 Land Use Parameter PlanPlanit 6.11.2020
1.43Figure 4 Movement and Access Parameter PlanPlanit6.11.2020
1.44Figure 5 Green Infrastructure Parameter PlanPlanit6.11.2020
1.45Figure 6 Building Heights Parameter PlanPlanit6.11.2020
1.46Figure 7 Indicative Masterplan Parameter PlanPlanit6.11.2020
1.47Landscape Strategy Plan – Country Park area onlyPegasus6.11.2020
1.48Design and Access Statement – Rev APlanit6.11.2020
1.49Number not usedN/AExplanation Page
1.50Landscape Strategy PlanPegasus12.2.2021
1.51Updated ES Chapter 8 Flood Risk AssessmentFortem12.2.2021
1.52Development Drainage StrategyFortem12.2.2021
1.53Ecology: Biodiversity CalculationBrooks9.4.2021
1.54Ecology: HRA Screening ReportBrooks9.4.2021
1.55Highways Technical Note 1 – Response to Highways England Part 1Optima15.4.2021
1.56Technical Note 1 – Response to Highways England Part 2Optima15.4.2021
1.57Highways Technical Note 2 – Response to Highways EnglandOptima17.8.2021
1.58Figure 7 Indicative Masterplan Parameter Plan Rev ASTEN17.8.2021
1.59Woodlands Way Cycling and Walking Link PlanOptima25.8.2021
1.60Supplementary Environmental StatementJohnson Mowat10.1.2022
1.60.1Appx 1 PINS LetterPlanning Inspectorate10.12.2021
1.60.2Appx 2 Updd Fig 6 Building Heights PlanPlanit-IE
1.60.3Appx 3 Fig 9 Parameter Plan Demolition
1.60.4Appx 4 Earthworks Review Plan
1.60.5Appx 5 Fig 8 Parameter Plan Phasing – Dec 2021
1.60.6Appx 6 Supplementary Noise AssessmentPDA Ltd
1.60.7Appx 7 Air Quality Supplementary StatementAECOM
1.60.8Appx 8 Flood Risk & Drainage Supplementary StatementFortem
1.60.9Appx 9 Agricultural Land Classification Techl NoteLDC Ltd
1.60.10Appx 10 Ecological Supplementary InformationBrooks
1.60.11Appx 11 Supplementary Statement & updd LVIA Figures AppxPlanit-IE
1.60.12Appx 12 ES Non-Technical Summary Update January 2022Johnson Mowat