CD 2 – Site to the West of the A1237 and South of North Lane, Huntington, York – Appeal Documents

Core Doc RefDocument Title / DownloadAuthorDate scanned onto Public Access
2.1Statement of Common GroundCYC and Johnson Mowat4.1.22
2.1.1SoCG Appendix DOptima4.1.22
2.2Draft Section 106 AgreementGateley Legal22.12.21
2.2.1Draft Section 106 AgreementGateley Legal19.1.22
2.2.2CIL Compliance StatementCYC19.1.22
2.2.3Appx A.1 Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2016CYC19.1.22
2.2.4Appx A.2 Strategic Housing Market Assessment Addendum 2016CYC19.1.22
2.2.51of2 of Appx B.1 Local Plan Viability Assessment Update 2018CYC19.1.22
2.2.62of2 of Appx B.1 Local Plan Viability Assessment Update 2018CYC19.1.22
2.2.7Appx C.1 Primary and Secondary pupil yield background CYC 19.1.22
2.2.8Appx D.1 Monks Cross contribution calculation FinalCYC19.1.22
2.2.9Appx E.1 Waste Information for Developers 12 12 2021CYC19.1.22
2.3Draft ConditionsCYC4.1.22
2.3.1Update by Inspector21.1.22
2.4Appeal QuestionnaireCYC26.10.21
2.5CYC Statement of CaseCYC22.11.21
2.5.1Appendix A – Schedule of Representations in Policy Order May 2018 – Policy SS10CYC22.11.21
2.5.2Appendix B Composite Modifications Schedule – April 2021 – PM60 p11 – PM70 p17-21CYC22.11.21
2.5.3Appendix C Topic Paper 1 Approach to defining Green Belt Addendum – January 2021CYC22.11.21
2.5.4Appendix C.2 Topic Paper 1 Green Belt Addendum – January 2021 – Annex 3 – Inner Boundary – Part 2 –CYCJanuary 2021
2.5.5Appendix D The High Court Judgment in Wedgewood v CYC (2020) EWHC 780 (Admin)March 2020
2.6Appellant Statement of CaseJohnson Mowat31.8.21
2.7Planning Committee Report – 18/00017/OUTMCYC4.11.21
2.7.1Draft Minutes of Cttee Meeting 04.11.2021CYC2.12.21
2.8Appellant Proof of Evidence – PlanningJohnson Mowat4.1.22
2.8.1Appellant Appendices 1-64.1.22
2.8.2Appellant Summary Proof4.1.22
2.9Appellant Proof of Evidence – HighwaysOptima4.1.22
2.9.1Highways Appendices A_COptima4.1.22
2.9.2Highways Appendices D-EOptima4.1.22
2.9.3Highways Appendices F_JOptima4.1.22
2.9.4Highways Appendices K_LOptima4.1.22
2.9.5Highways Appendices M_OOptima4.1.22
2.9.6Highways Appendices P_TOptima4.1.22
2.9.7Highways Appendices U_AAOptima4.1.22
2.10Appellant Proof of Evidence – EducationEFM Ltd4.1.22
2.11CYC Proof of Evidence – Planning and Education StatementCYC4.1.22
2.11.1Education Annex (Excel)CYC4.1.22
2.11.2Securing developer contributions for educationDepartment for Education4.1.22
2.11.3Local Authority ScorecardDepartment for Education4.1.22
2.11.4National School Delivery BenchmarkDepartment for Education4.1.22
2.11.5Summary of CYC ProofCYC4.1.22
2.12CYC Proof of Evidence – HighwaysCYC4.1.22
2.12.1Summary of Highway ProofCYC4.1.22
2.13Planning RebuttalJohnson Mowat18.1.22
2.14Education RebuttalEFM18.1.22
2.15Highways RebuttalOptima18.1.22