CD 3 – Site to the West of the A1237 and South of North Lane, Huntington, York – Consultee Responses

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Statutory Consultee Responses
3.1Highways England
+ Appendix A
3.2Highways England01.02.21
3.3Highways England21.12.20
3.4Highways England22.06.20
3.5Highways England04.02.20
3.6Highways England15.08.19
3.7Highways England18.02.19
3.8.1Highways England20.08.18
3.8.2Highways England20.08.18
3.8.3Highways England Review Notes20.08.18
3.9Highways England20.08.18
3.10North Yorkshire Police06.02.18
3.11Environment Agency07.02.21
3.12North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue06.02.18
3.13Natural England14.02.18
3.14Huntington Parish Council
Huntington Parish Council
3.15Foss Internal Drainage Board15.04.21
3.16Foss Internal Drainage Board21.02.18
3.17Yorkshire Water27.02.18
CYC consultation Responses
3.18Flood Risk Management Team 01.09.21
3.19Flood Risk Management Team 07.04.21
3.20Flood Risk Management Team 04.08.20
3.21Archaeology 04.10.21
3.22Landscape Architect 07.04.20
3.23Landscape Architect 09.04.21
3.24Housing Development Officer07.02.18
3.25Ecology 08.02.21
3.26Rights of Way 13.02.18
3.27Education Request Summary 13.10.21
3.28Education Contribution 15.03.18
3.29Environmental Health – Public Protection17.10.21
3.30Environmental Health – Public Protection 27.02.18
3.31Forward Planning14.10.21
3.32Forward Planning Annex A 14.10.21
3.33Forward Planning Annex C 14.10.21
3.34Conservation 20.12.19
3.35Housing Strategy and Policy 20.09.21
3.36Community Sports Development 20.09.21
3.37Heritage Project Officer 21.09.21
3.38Highways 25.07.18
3.39Highways – Network Management checklist25.07.18
3.40Waste Services 26.02.18
Public Comments
3.41Jackie Stephenson07.02.18
3.42John Reeves 05.02.18
3.43John Reeves 09.02.18
3.44John Reeves 12.02.18
3.45John Reeves 22.12.20
3.46John Reeves 25.10.21
3.47Anthony Reeves 12.02.18
3.48DPP on behalf of Portakabin 17.04.21
3.49Portakabin 22.02.18
3.50Councillor Keith Orrell 22.02.18
3.51Mr Ian Thornton 27.02.18
3.52Suzanna Young 14.02.18
3.53Alasdair Mcintosh 15.08.18
3.54Mr Mike Watson 10.05.18
3.55Mr Peter Ruane 11.05.18
3.56Mr Stephen Fenton01.03.18
3.57Mr Stephen Fenton – Objection Withdrawal 24.10.21
Appeal 3rd Party Representations
3.58DPP – Portakabin Limited 22.11.21
3.59Shepherd Group Brass Band – David Gregg 08.11.21
3.60Barratt Homes 16.11.21
3.61T Varlow – Interested Party 01.11.21
3.62Christopher Smith and Dawn Young – Interested Parties20.01.22
3.62.1NYK Registry Plan21.01.22