CD 4 – Site to the West of the A1237 and South of North Lane, Huntington, York – Relevant Local and National Planning Documents

Document Title / DownloadAuthorDate
4.1National Planning Policy FrameworkJuly 2021
4.2National Planning Policy Guidance – LinkPlanning practice guidance – GOV.UK (
4.3National Design GuidanceMHCLGNovember 2019
4.4Manual For StreetsDfT2007
4.5Securing Developer Contributions for EducationDepartment for EducationNovember 2019
4.6Area Guidelines for Mainstream SchoolsDepartment for Education and Education Funding AgencyJune 2014
4.6.1 Securing Developer Contributions for Education Department for EducationNovember 2019
4.7Extracts from Guidelines for Planning for Public Transport in Developments’The Institution of Highways and Transportation (IHT)1999
4.8Extracts from ‘Guidelines for Providing for Journeys on Foot’IHT2000
4.9‘Home to School Travel and Transport’ statutory guidance documentDepartment for Education (DfE)2014
4.10Extracts from Local Transport Note 2/08DfT
4.11Cycle Infrastructure Design (LTN 1/20)DfT2020
4.12Planning for Walking Published by CIHT2015
4.13Yorkshire and Humber Regional Spatial Strategy2008
4.14Statutory Instrument 2013 No. 117 RSS Partial Revocation OrderSoS24.01.13
4.15Huntington Neighbourhood PlanJuly 2021
4.16 City of York Draft Local Plan incorporating the 4th set of changes CYCApril 2005
4.17City of York Local Plan – Publication Draft (regulation 19 consultation)CYCFebruary 2018
4.17.1Extract from City of York Local Plan – Publication Draft – Policy SS10CYCFebruary 2018
4.18City of York Local Plan – Composite Modifications ScheduleCYCApril 2021
4.19Topic Paper 1 – Green Belt Addendum (EX/CYC/59)CYC06.05.21
4.20Topic Paper 1 – Green Belt Addendum Annex 3 Inner Boundary Part 2. Section 5 – 6 (EX/CYC/59d)CYC06.05.21
4.21Topic Paper 1 – Green Belt Addendum Annex 7 Housing Supply Update (EX/CYC/59i)CYC06.05.21
4.22Topic Paper 1 – Green Belt Addendum Annex 7 Housing Supply Update Trajectory (EX/CYC/59j)CYC06.05.21
4.23City of York Local Plan Infrastructure Delivery PlanCYCMay 2018
4.24CYC Section 106 Agreements from June 2019 (pending review December 2019)’CYCJune 2019 Update
4.25Full Year Housing Monitoring UpdateCYCMay 2021
4.26Affordable Housing Note Final February 2020 (EX/CYC/36)CYCMarch 2020
4.27Education SPG 2019 (CYC Section 106 Agreements from June)CYCJune 2019